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About the work


The main objective of this role is to implement a differentiated, market-driven service that improves sustainable competitiveness within the tavern business class, enabling sustainable growth in brand equity, sales volume, company market share, competitive advantage and reputation.

Main results and responsibilities:
Customer development


Manage and develop customer relationships with tavern owners.
Make weekly calls to customers by point of sale to build effective partnerships and resolve customer issues.
Make sure all customer master data is entered, updated, correct and maintained
Achieve customer sales volume targets
Make sure each outlet buys direct from SAB on a regular, weekly basis.
AMPPS delivery

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Complete and influence the AMPPS survey by carrying out each specific plan:

Availability; Marketing; Price; Promotions; Space
Monitor volumes by point of sale to ensure 100% availability of key brands and packages with long-term planning. Manage inventory turnover to ensure 100% availability
Promote the efficient execution of the implementation of selective merchandising in the areas of consumption and purchasing in accordance with the Commercial Execution Guidelines (ITEG)
Negotiate and execute internal and external price communication; enter the price priorities; Ensure price compliance and run worldwide pricing and promotion campaigns throughout the year.
Manage point-of-sale retention by tracking and monitoring competitive shelf space and volumes sold, and ensure effective brand positioning for maximum volume growth
Asset Management

Manage SAB refrigeration assets by driving SAB audit governance and compliance
Manage all SAB assets in point of sale, including signage and permanent merchandising.
Make sure SAB products are stored in refrigerators in accordance with ITEG
Conduct asset verification investigations (refrigerators, etc.)
Assist customers with the model inventory system to manage inventory replenishment and minimize stockouts
Manage inventory turnover and quality
Ability to work in a flexible work environment (work weekends and holidays as needed) Commercial ability
Understand the sales and marketing value chain and how the roles interact with each other.
Proactively research competitor information and include it in the overall sales task.
Ability to understand the concept of profitability and the role of pricing, product lineup and merchandising in making commercially sound decisions.
Customer orientation. Make customers and their needs the main object of their actions; Develop and maintain productive relationships with clients.
Respond effectively to customer needs; take responsibility for customer satisfaction and loyalty
Connect and develop a strong relationship with customers; collaborate on plans and decisions and demonstrate importance to the client
Ability to establish authentic relationships between diverse groups of people.
Accountability Take responsibility for achieving results and take responsibility for your own actions.
Take on the role personally and professionally; is autonomous. A strong orientation towards achievement
High integrity as a representative of SAB
Flexibility Ability to adapt one’s behavior to changing situations.
Open minded and adjusts priorities in response to unforeseen events
Able to identify issues and resolve issues on the fly
Resistance and resistance in the management of extraordinary and flexible working hours
Sales skills Identify needs and opportunities, leverage the unique value proposition, represent capabilities and close sales
Effectively explore alternatives and positions to achieve sustained results using appropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods.
Ability to build relationships, identify customer needs and gain participation.
Ability to plan, organize sales activities in order of priority.
Work with the Sales Manager to develop specific plans to leverage SAB’s value proposition and its unique competitive advantage over customer needs.
He focuses on the details and meticulously executes the plans to go beyond the

Other opportunity: Department of water and sanitation


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