They are hiring at Sneaker Snacks cc

We are looking for a dynamic, energetic young man and woman with creativity and interpersonal skills. Who is eager to make the change in their life and in others last, but there is no flexible list ready to go on.

Other opportunity : werehouse jobs

Type of work: Full time


Salary: from R 4,500.00 per month


COVID-19 Considerations:

All necessary covid-19 procedures come first as personal hygiene is our top priority.



High School (Matrix) (Preferred)


Remote work:

Precautions against covid19):

Personal protective equipment provided or required
Plastic shield on workstations
Social distancing guidelines implemented
Disinfection, disinfection or cleaning-in-place procedures


How to apply

Other opportunity : Cleaner jobs

The physical direction:
9 Repens Road, Heriotdale,
Johannesburg, South Africa,

PO Box 91118, Auckland Park 2006

Phone. : 011 626 1660
Fax: 011 626 1698

Email: – Boris Popovic – Geof Main

Sneaker snack website

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  1. Nkhensani says:

    I’m Nkhensani maluleke I looking for a general work

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