Unemployment Youth service : Yes programme

About the YES programme

YES is a coordinated, business-driven effort that seeks remarkable ways, through development and mechanical best practices, to jumpstart the economy and give young people a majestic first chance.

The YES Quality Work Experience of the Year provides unemployed youth with a set of tools to be an encouraging sign to their families, families and networks. The CV and the reference letter they receive towards the end of their year of study offer them a 3 times more interesting opportunity to meet again.

Through the Youth Employment Service’s YES program, TAP will offer selected candidates a one-year finance, human resources and procurement job at its administrative center in Johannesburg or territorial workplaces in Cape Town and Durban.

Join a group of exceptionally specific experts with background information and empower the TAP group to guide and train effective candidates on an expert journey through government apprenticeship programs.

Openings open to unemployed youth and intrigued by:

Organization / Receptionist

General workers


SECRETARY Monetary / Accountant




Line workers

Official well-being

Purchasing: purchasing, supply chain management or logistics

Requirements for the YES program

A South African citizen

Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old.

Successful Grade 12 Certificate

You must be currently unemployed with virtually no knowledge and reside in Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg.


Open to qualified graduates interested in:

Design: electrical, electronic, civil and mechanical

Funded – Accounting and financial management

HR – Behavioral and social, industrial and organizational sciences

Psychology or human resources

Purchasing: purchasing, supply chain management or logistics

Another opportunity: Youth Skills Program of the Ministry of Tourism 2021 – 2022

Candidate skills

Authority: Self-Control – Take responsibility for leading your own development by creating awareness, reflecting, seeking criticism, self-assessment, and introducing an uplifting perspective.

Practical / Technical: Functional skills and specialist skills may be required, depending on the idea of ​​the position raised in the company.

Organization of the YES program

TAP is focused on expanding representation in Minimized Meetings in accordance with its employment equity goals.

For more information visit: https://yes4youth.co.za

The reader hopes to fight against youth unemployment.

YES and CSIR agree that the joint effort is also accelerating South Africa’s progress towards an information-based economy.

How to apply the YES program

If you meet the above conditions, please send your CV, cover letter, certificates of qualification and a copy of your completed transcripts, specifying the domain name to


Or, on the other hand, you can apply online by visiting https://yes4youth.mobi/register and follow 2 steps and then proceed to the application process.


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