REF NO: 100521/18 (X50 POSTS)
Branch: INRE Norte Operations
SALARY: R 102,534 per year (level 2

– Hartbeespoort Regional Office: (Mechanical Maintenance (X3 Publications)
Marico Bosveld (Publications X2)
– Superior Molopo (Position X1)
– Klein Maricopoort (Booth X1)
– Lindley Spoort (X2 messages)
– Bospoort Dam (station X1)
(Publications X2)
– Electrical maintenance (Poles X2)
Civil Maintenance (Stations X2)
– Roodeplaat Dam (Station X1)
-Tzaneen Regional Office: Vondo Dam (Booth X2)
– Levubu channels (X7 messages)
Tshakhuma (X1post)
– Glen Alphine Dam (Booth X1)
Damani Dam (Publications X2)
– Average Letaba (Publications X4)
– Nzhelele Dam (Stations X6)
= City of Tzaneen (X1post)
Sterk Rivier (Booth X1)
– Electrical maintenance (Station X1)
– Mechanical maintenance (X2 substations)
– Major Civil Maintenance (Stations X3)
Civil Maintenance (Stations X2)

Duties and responsibilities
– Loading and unloading of tools, materials and equipment on a daily basis.
– Assist in the cleaning and repair of the water supply / distribution system (channels, drains,
dams, pipes, structures, etc.) during dry spells.
– Help cut and remove grass, brush, and trees from all easements as directed.
– Help repair all fences and install new fences as needed.
– Help mix concrete as needed.
– Assist in the construction of concrete channels and the placement of concrete for buildings and structures when necessary.
– Use a brush cutter and trimmer if necessary.
Maintain and care for machinery, equipment, tools, and property.
Help the paint crew.
– Assist in the cleaning and repair of mechanical equipment (valves, generators, reducers, pipes, etc.).
– Help in the construction of steel structures.
– Assist in the cleaning and repair of electrical equipment (electrical panels, electrical cables, lights, electrical starters, etc.) that may require digging holes and trenches.

Diplomas and experience
– An ABET certificate.
– One (1) to two (2) years of general work experience will be an additional bonus.
– Knowledge of the general work of handling equipment and devices.
– Professional knowledge in various general jobs, including the lawn care process.
Knowledge of the pruning and clearing process and techniques.
– Basic knowledge of the use of chemicals (dilution / mixing). Knowledge of chemicals.
– Basic knowledge of daily maintenance procedures for the efficient performance of machines / equipment.
– Core to support the strategy of use and water resources.
– Basic knowledge of health and safety procedures.
– Basic knowledge of garden maintenance and planting practices.
– Basic understanding of government legislation.
– Knowledge of the use of brush cutters, submersible pumps, hoists and bridge cranes.
– Good communication skills. Ability to work under supervision and in a team.
You must be punctual, productive, and loyal.

How to register
Hartbeespoort MJJ Pretorius
Telephone. : (087) 943 3719
– Tzaneen Regional Office Mr. KS Thantsha
Telephone. : (015) 307 8600
Hartbeespoort Regional Office: Send your request by email indicating the corresponding reference number to Attention: Mr. S Murunzi
Tzaneen Regional Office: Send your request by email indicating the corresponding reference number to Attention: Mr. S Murunzi
NOTE: Preference will be given to the community residing in or around the designated areas.
CLOSING DATE: 10/15, 2021 4:00 p.m.
(Applications received after the deadline and copies sent by fax will not be considered.)
CLOSING DATE: 10/15, 2021
NOTE: Interested applicants should send their application to the email address provided in each message. Applications must be submitted using the newly implemented form Z83 which can be obtained from the Department of Water and Sanitation website, Career Opportunities or the DPSA website, at ‘address
Vacancies in the public service (point 4) and must be accompanied by a complete CV, as well as copies of diplomas and identity document (all documents must be sent by email in PDF format. It cannot exceed 10 MB) The title of the subject in the email must clearly indicate the reference number of the work n / a

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