How to sign up for a modified senior certificate
How to sign up for a modified senior certificate
Do you want to rewrite your tuition exams to get your modified senior certificate, but are not sure how to register? Well, read on to find out how to do it.


If you have been out of high school for more than 5 years and want to retake your tuition exams, you will need to register for a modified senior certificate (SC). The SC is equivalent to the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

So how do you register for the SC exam?

Well, applicants can register with any provincial education office (which includes provincial central office, district office, or constituency office) or they can register online for the address on

Applicants must submit the following to register:

-Complete the registration form

-A certified copy of your identity document or birth certificate or passport (foreign applicants)
Candidates repeating one year must attach a copy of their previous highest grade

-If you have registered and have taken other grade 12 or equivalent exams before, you will be asked to provide the exam numbers for those exams.

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Applicants can only qualify for the SC exams if they meet the following conditions:

-have a grade 9 certificate, OR
have not completed their registration certificate,

-They are over the age of 21 when they sit for the exams. However, they can be 19 years old when they apply.

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Candidates do not have to worry about failing exams as they can rewrite these SC exams whenever they want, although they will have to wait longer to achieve their academic goals.

There are several possibilities to obtain the matrix mark, such as the Matric update, which is for those who want to improve the marks of certain subjects without having to rewrite all the matrix exams, and Adult Matric, which is for those who have been absent. . . from school for more than 5 years and I want to complete the enrollment.

The Basic Education Department facilitates the rewriting of the matrix through the Second Chance Matrix program. The program provides support for re-taking the NSC exams, students who have progressed to NSC, Modified Higher Certificate (SC), and part-time NSC applicants.

Visit the DBE website for more information.

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