How to collect your SASSA R350 SRD grant at Pick n Pay, Boxer stores

Some recipients of SASSA R350 Social Assistance in Distress (SRD) grants can now collect their funds at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores nationwide.

This was reported by La Poste SA (SAPO), which announced that the new service started on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

“Pick n Pay and Boxer are proud to help grant recipients access their funds more easily and securely, ensuring they get the help they need much faster than ever before,” said John Bradshaw, Omnichannel Director of Pick n Pay.

SMS Confirmation

It is important to note that this new option is only available for applicants who have received an SMS from SASSA confirming that their point of payment is Pick n Pay or Boxer.

Additionally, Pick n Pay collection points do not include BP’s Pick n Pay Express, Pick n Pay Clothing, and Pick n Pay Liquor stores.

SAPO also noted that neither Pick n Pay nor Boxer process the application and approval of SRD grants, nor when and where collections can be made. This is the responsibility of SASSA and SAPO.

The Post praised the new service and said it would ease pressure on its branches. SAPO has implemented a payment date system based on the last three digits of the candidate identification number.


How to get an SRD grant at Pick n Pay or Boxer

Below is the process to get your SRD grant at Pick n Pay or Boxer stores:

•First, you will receive an SMS from SASSA confirming that your application has been accepted.
•You will then receive an SMS from SASSA confirming the pick-up point and the date.
•You must bring your ID and cell phone to the store when you collect your grant.
•At the store, enter your ID number and the SASSA cell phone number registered at the point of payment to confirm funds are available for collection.
•You will then receive a message from the USSD, which you will need to approve on your mobile phone before the money is released.
•SAPO said that grantees will never be asked to enter personal information on their cellphones or click on a link when collecting their grants.


For those who will continue to receive their funds at the post office, SAPO advised, “Avoid disappointment and only visit your post office AFTER you receive a text message informing you [that] your grant is ready. ”

Additionally, SASSA announced last week that applicants can change or update their payment method on any day of the month, unlike the previous restriction of the first 10 days of the month.

“Recipients of the COVID-19 SRD grant are encouraged to use their bank accounts to receive this grant in order to avoid overcrowding at post offices,” the agency said.


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You can also change your payments at

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